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Hi, I’m Chi. Hair Scientist and Coach, Writer, Speaker and Mama! My passions are HAIR (first and foremost), science and teaching, so it makes sense that we’d be where we are right now. Let me help you on your hair journey. Choose a service to the right, and let’s get you started on the path to long, healthy, beautiful hair.

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In 90 intensive days- we completely overhaul your mindset, habits and health to get you on the path to smashing your hair goals, and attaining the healthiest hair of your life. Book Now.


In our six month course, running from September to March, we go through routines, techniques, mindset and product application to help you teach you and your daughter not just how to manage yours and her hair, but love it.

I’ve deliberately planned this to coincide with term time, because that’s when you can see how well these new routines fit into your busy lives, and can build habits that will last you a lifetime. Book now.


Have you hit a snag in your hair journey somewhere?
Have you just big chopped, or started transitioning and are not sure where to start?
Have you been growing your hair for a while and are not sure what’s causing the hair growth plateau?
Or do you just need help building a sustainable regimen?
Whatever the query, book a one-off consultation with me and let me help you troubleshoot it.

Healthy hair starts within. I’ll give you the tools you need to help you retrain your mindset, re-jig your diet and habits, and techniques to handle your hair in a way that it will GROW and THRIVE!

Chi Ohi

Book a consultation today.

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