Climbing the mountain

Everything you ever dreamed of, right at the peak of that mountain… right there.


Imagine you were promised that everything you ever wanted to achieve, be, or have, was right at the top of that mountain.

What would you do?

Would you say:

a. I guess my dreams are unattainable and I should give up and accept where I am.


b. I’d better start climbing! That’s EVERYTHING I’ve EVER WANTED! All in one place!

If you chose b., what you start to realise is that as you climb that mountain, you begin to transform into the person you wanted to be.

With each landmark passed, you begin to realise that you’re achieving your dreams.

By the time you get to the top of the mountain, you’ve changed, your view has changed, and your horizon has broadened.

Much better view from up here, don’t you think?

I see life like that mountain.

Life is a journey, and it can be whatever you choose it to be.

You can choose the challenging path, and grow, change and learn along the way, or you can stay in the valley, and find contentment there, never knowing what could have been- or worse, knowing what might have been but will not happen now, because you were afraid of the unknown difficulties you might have faced.

One thing climbing the mountain shows you, is how much YOU truly are capable of, that you had no idea you could achieve.

The good thing is, the mountain isn’t going anywhere. If ever you decide that the valley is no longer where you want to be, you can always, at any moment, pack up and start heading up that mountain.

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