Getting Body Positive: 10 Things You Need to Do NOW for an Instant Boost to Your Self-Image!

Tired of reading the same old lists saying the same old things? Yes, it sounds nice when people say you’re beautiful and awesome and that you should believe that, but it’s no use if you struggle to believe what others tell you about yourself (especially if it’s positive). To solve this, I’ve put down a list of 10 things I DO to help myself love myself!

I hope these help!



  1. Focus only on the best bits: Focus on your best features – the things you do like about yourself, and don’t worry about the things you don’t.


  1. Use positive language on yourself: For every negative thought that pops into your head, list three things about yourself that are good. If you have to reach to do it, gurl, REACH!


  1. TAKE COMPLIMENTS: Cling to compliments when you get them. Forget double-thinking people’s intentions- you can’t see into their heads anyway. You ARE beautiful. Focus on the positive things you hear, and actively throw the negative comments in the trash. Don’t tolerate negativity in your life, your mind, or in yourself.



  1. Forget the size tags– It doesn’t matter what the size tag says, buy the clothes you like, in the size THAT FITS WELL. It’s nobody’s business what size you wear. Clothes that fit well look awesome, and compliment you. Look good, feel good.


  1. “SLAY, Trick!”: Make an effort to pamper yourself, dress how you like, and express your style. Doll yourself up if that’s what you like to do, don’t be afraid to be yourself and slay!


  1. Do things that make you feel great: If you are going to change your diet and/or exercise habit, don’t focus on weight-loss or weight gain, aim for wellbeing. Do your research, or read this article here and take steps to FEEL GREAT.

feel good cycle.jpg


  1. Recognize how amazing YOU are: Recognize that what you look like is a very tiny feature of who you are. Write down the other features of your personality and achievements that make you proud, make others happy, and add value to the world. Revisit this list frequently.


  1. Positive self-speak: Recite positive affirmations to yourself and/or read those things you wrote in #7 to yourself, daily, if you have to. Make sure it SINKS IN. The only way to do that is to keep revisiting and reciting it! Confess positive things over yourself until you believe it, and start to truly see it.


  1. Date yourself: Take yourself out. Go to that new art exhibition. See a movie you like. Eat good food at that restaurant. Shop, for goodness sake. Spend time doing activities you like doing, spend quality time with yourself. Have a You-cation.



  1. Realise that feeling a little insecure is a normal part of life: It is experienced by everyone. Don’t get upset with yourself for feeling that way. When you find yourself fretting over insecurities, gently coax yourself away from it. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to a child. (More on that here)



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